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Time management tips for single working moms

“Now I’m not gonna sit here and lie that I’m an expert at time management, but I have been working full-time as a single mom for the last four years, and somehow in that time I managed to completed my bachelor’s degree, not get fired from any of my jobs, and keep the kid alive. I must be doing at least some things right, right?”

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The heroic, depressed Jamaican mothers who abandon their babies

“This isn’t the ‘baby blues’ that her doctor told her to expect in the weeks following childbirth. The doctor said those would go away after a few days. But this isn’t going away. This is deeper. Darker. Mild annoyance is quickly growing into thoughts of slamming the cot into the wall for the baby to shut the hell up, which, in turn, grows into an overwhelming sense of guilt for having such dark thoughts about her own child. “