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Ways for stay-at-home-moms to make extra money

Here's how you can make some money, without the deep dive into my personal life that I usually do before I get into the actual posts (thank me later).

Do you like money?

Me too, sis. Here’s how you can make some, without the deep dive into my personal life that I usually do before I get into the actual posts (Thank me later, lol).

  1. Babysit

Fair warning though, people’s children are fun for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time. After that, they’re kind of like your kids. Think you can handle that? Great! Now with many jobs requiring for parents to come back to office, while many schools are still out, it’s a great time to pick up a few baby sitting gigs. Try your family and friends first. You already know their kids. Good luck!

2. Start a blog

That’s the easy part. Making money from a blog actually requires you to post engaging content that people want to read (as you can probably imagine, I have not made any money from this blog as yet). But the point is, if you have an interest or expertise in an area, then chances are, there are people who want to know more about that area, and will want to read your content. Just be more consistent than me, please.

3. Tutor online

Were you the math genius in school? The lab rat? The book worm? If you understand a subject area well, and you are good at simplifying things (I mean, you have a child, right? You got this), then online tutoring may be an area that you want to try out. Some students really just need the one-on-one interaction from a cartoon-consuming instructor to bring certain topics to life, and you can definitely provide that.

4. Write a book

This is my conscience talking, because I’ve been meaning to write a book forever. But while I can’t say how much you’ll make (because I’m not disciplined enough to actually do it and find out yet) I have friends who have self-published on Amazon and it has been a great stream of passive income for them. You can literally write a book about a cat in boots and it becomes an international success. Do it!

5. Sell ice-cream

This is my four-year-old son’s idea, actually. I asked him to tell me a job just now and he said “Ice-cream man!” So there you have, it an active target market that’s already excited for your product. If you have a car and an igloo you can sell ice-cream to the children in your neighborhood. Way less creepy than a guy in a white van right? Sounds like a successful venture already!

6. Hablas Español? Ou Français? Or likkle patwa?

Translate. If you know two or more languages, search online for freelance translator jobs, or promote yourself as a translator on popular freelancing site such as Fiverr and Upwork. Buena suerta! (I think).

7. Become a social media manager

Many people need these professionals, especially now more than ever. It may be a great time to take your amazing captions, higher-than-normal screen time, and conspiracies about Instagram’s algorithm for a spin. Since you’re already on socials, just use the time to do some research into the area (bonus points if you can find and do a free or cheap certificate course), and start hunting clients. Maybe you won’t be ready to run a large corporation’s digital team just yet, but your child’s teacher might chump up some cash to let you manage the pages for her candle-making side hustle that have three followers each, don’t you think?

Gooo make that #MILFmoney, honey!

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