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Thank you.

I would like to thank the following persons for the role they played in helping me to finally close this chapter of my journey. You know the extent of the assistance and the nature of the help you provided, and the unforgettable impact that it has had on me. I am eternally grateful to you. Thank you.

My Family

My son, Kymani, because of whom the journey lasted a little bit longer but became all the more meaningful. Maxine Brown, my mother, who undertook most of the financial responsibility in the first years of my study. My father, Granville Knight, who raised me to be hardworking and independent, and whose house has always been home. My sister Nacketia, uncle Ian, cousins Ieacia, Tassia and Merita, who helped during the most challenging part of the journey in 2017. Kymani’s dad, who has been there for his son so that I could finish what I started, my other siblings and relatives who offered their support and encouragement when I needed it most, thank you.

My Friends

Jenell, Jenell’s family, Annecia and Shernett, you were the real MVPs when the struggle was real. Chevelle, Shantell, Chantal, Twanya, Rashida, Shanae, and other friends who helped along the way, thank you. Friends who I only know from social media, those I worked with at different contact centres, and those who I met through my work as a journalist who always have kind thoughts and words for me, thank you.

Taylor Hall

Mr Hamilton, who was like a father to me throughout the entire journey; Daddy G and Frado, who made sure I was OK; Janene, Kemeisha, Georgette, Bucky, Bunny, and my other sisters on New Block who opened their doors to me and babysat so I could attend classes; Hamish, Ratty, Unknown, Alex, Jay, and Ky’s other uncles on Butchers; the alumni who contributed to the Taylor Hall Scholarship for Student Development; other Taylorites too many to list by name; thank you.


Dr James, Aunty Fae, Dr Barnes, the late Charmaine Henry, and other faculty members at the Caribbean School of Media and Communication, where I majored in Journalism; Dr Sonjah Niaah, prof Hope, Hugh Douse, Horace Williams, and other instructors in the Institute of the Caribbean Studies where I minored in Cultural Studies. Thank you.

The Jamaica Observer Limited

Vernon, Petulia, Mr Sankey, Wendy, Keleshia, Racquel, Alphea, Anika, Jason, and all the other wonderful people I met in editorial who I still hold in high regard today; Yakum, Dev, Char, Gabby, Trev, and other teenAGE family members; team members from other departments who contributed in even the smallest way to my growth over the last three years. Thank you.


Thank you for not giving up, even when it felt like you were wasting your time. Thank you for forgiving yourself and others, and for having the courage to continue, despite the challenges. Thank you for finishing what you started, and for believing that there is so much more for you to achieve.


Candiece Knight, B. A, Journalism (major), Cultural Studies (minor), (Hons).


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